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Our Services

See the Big Picture

We provide our clients with their own personal wealth management website that includes assets managed by TWM as well as assets that are held at other financial institutions

Track Spending

and securely store important documents.

Create Budgets

that keep your financial picture on track.

Run Risk Scenarios

using your actual financial data to see 'what if.'

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Ongoing Monitoring

We help you keep your financial house in order.

We implement a highly structured annual two meeting process with our clients, that occurs in the same months every year. We translate what we hear in these meetings into strategies and plans that are aligned with the clients’ interests.

We help you gain a holistic view of your complete financial situation.

Financial & Retirement Planning

Where do you want your wealth to take you?

Creating and maintaining a solid financial plan involves several steps:

  1. Establishing goals
  2. Gathering data
  3. Analyzing and evaluating your financial status
  4. Developing and implementing a plan
  5. Monitoring and adjusting as necessary

Your advisor will work with you to determine your future needs. Together, you and your advisor will project and plan for various scenarios, taking into account your currrent assets, planned savings, inflation, additional income, and current & future expenditures.

Investment Management

Your investment plan must be based on how it can help you achieve your present and future goals.

Once we determine the strategy with which you’re most comfortable, we implement, monitor and adjust as necessary.

  • Measure your risk tolerance
  • Define your investment opportunities, both personal and tax-qualified
  • Recommend an appropriate asset allocation
  • Prepare a personal Investment Policy Statement
  • Recommend specific investments that will implement the Investment Policy Statement
  • Regularly review the performance of selected investments
  • Modify the strategy as needed

Our Client Community

  • Values and focuses on the things in life more important than money
  • Strives for financial success by actively making smart choices with their money
  • Takes action on sound, trustworthy advice
  • May not have the time, ability or desire to manage their portfolio, and would prefer a trusted professional to handle their investments
  • Appreciates being told the truth and values honesty

Our Client Community Does Not:

  • Let short term market volatility cause them to second guess their long term investment and financial plan
  • Call us wanting to buy penny stocks “someone” told them about
  • Watch doom and gloom media coverage all day, every day

Start Planning Your Future

We are your trusted Arizona financial planner for private investment, financial advocacy, retirement planning, & more.

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